‘Smash Bros Ultimate’ Brand-new Characters Might Be Revealed Sooner Than You Believe

It's been one month considering that Nintendo's big Super Smash Bros. Ultimate expose at E3 2018, however the game will not formally launch till like it's referring to some sort of live competition. Exactly what does it all indicate?'Super Smash Bros'Ultimate New Characters: A Mario Tennis Connection?Well, assuming that Nintendo is holding a computer game tournament in Japan, it might be the perfect opportunity to reveal a new character

(or 2 )for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. On Reddit, one fan suggests that the Mario Tennis connection suggests we might finally be getting Waluigi as a playable fighter, given that he originally debuted in Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64. Another giant ball and chain would operate in a game. So possibly not." Super Smash Bros'Ultimate New Characters: Group DK Interestingly, this isn't the very first we've heard of a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate discussion taking place in July. Earlier this month, a 4Chan leak anticipated that Nintendo might start 11 brand-new character exposes with a"tiny direct"in July to unveil 2 new fighters.The leak didn't reveal who they were, but refers to them by the codenames"King "and "Ponytail."These ideas have actually stimulated plenty of speculation, but the dominating theory is that we could be getting 2 new characters from the Donkey Kong universe: King K. Rool ("King ")and Dixie Kong("ponytail "). Of course, that's simply our finest guess. Nintendo might reveal a completely unforeseen addition to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate lineup throughout the upcoming live stream. Or it might not reveal anything. We'll simply have to wait and see.