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In 2015, Nintendo released the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild as a Change launch title and on Wii U. It was so different from the rest of the series, being much more non direct and open world in nature. The video game won over fans and critics alike and got numerous video game of the year awards. That being said, my own personal experience with the game was different from the bulk. I tried my finest to get into the game and enjoy it, however discovered I simply couldn't. After investing hours playing the video game and attempting to have fun, I chose the video game simply wasn't for me. It was too various from what I had actually experienced before.Recently I started asking other fans of the Zelda series exactly what they believed of the video game, and if anyone else simply could not truly get into the experience. The responses I got offered me a great deal of insight into the situation. While the vast departure from the series nom was a welcome change for lots of players, simply as numerous others discovered the modifications to be a bit excessive, To these video games Breath Of The Wild was so various that some even mentioned it felt empty and like less of a Zelda game.I desire to be really clear here that I am not disliking on Breath of the Wild.

The game earned the appreciation it got, and individuals had actually complained the series had actually gotten stale in the time prior to its release. What this is, is a matter of opinion and telling the individuals who didn't like Breath of the Wild that their opinion is also a valid one. Changing the conventions of The Legend of Zelda is fine, however for some it just went too far.This modification is the video game design can be contrasted with another game in the series that likewise

aimed to shake up the formula. The Legend of Zelda: A Link In between Worlds was released for 3DS and was another effort at returning the series to the nonlinear roots. The difference between the games nevertheless, is that A Link Between Worlds felt more like a compromise than a complete shift. It gave the choice for non linear play, while also maintaining enough of the series'conventions to give a sense of familiarity to players.In completion, if you didn't like Breath of the Wild you weren't hating on it to be contrarian. You likely just didn't take pleasure in the modifications that were done

. Ideally, Nintendo must understand that this divide exists in the fanbase. The finest method to go about repairing it isn't really to walk back the modifications, but continue the paths they began in both A Link In Between Worlds and Breath of the Wild. Have a game that uses a compromise, and have a game that provides the complete open world experience. They do not necessarily require to be of the very same scope and size, however the audience is there for both distinct styles.Disclaimer: The above is the opinion of the author and not always that of Genuine Otaku Gamer or its personnel. Editorial: Breath of the Wild Isn't Really for Everybody And That

Is Okay