Spider-Man Won’t Swing In Marvel VR, Oculus Explains Why

by Jamie Feltham- July 20th, 2018

The other day we finally got the news we 'd been waiting for; Spider-Man will indeed be a playable character in Marvel: Powers United VR when it introduces on Oculus Rift next week (together with numerous other fan-favorite characters like Wolverine). However those of you that watched the video game's launch trailer might have discovered some of Peter Parker's a lot of renowned functions were strangely absent.Namely, Spidey

does not web-swing or wall-crawl in the footage (as seen below). Rather, we see the web-head running on the ground like other heroes, and zipping up to greater spots utilizing a web-line. So, can you really web-swing in the game?Sadly not, however designer Sanzaru Games did test it out, and there's an excellent reason it's missing.

Requiring to Reddit today, an Oculus Studio PR member explained that web-zipping would be Spidey's "main for of mobility in the game. "We repeated on web swinging and wall-climbing," they described, "but dealt with a lot of difficulties: how do you swing a gamer directly at a wall, and then turn them to deal with the action without making them uncomfortable? How do you identify where in the video game Spidey can wall-cling, when some levels do not even have walls (Dark Measurement)?"

Undoubtedly, Sanzaru isn't even the first designer to encounter these issues. In 2015's totally free tie-in to Spider-Man: Homecoming likewise avoided any type of wall-crawling and one lone swing right at the end of the experience heavily diminished your field of vision.

"We likewise understood that for levels to be huge enough for Spider-Man, they would be too huge and frustrating to traverse for everyone else," the spokesperson continued. "And if you get a wall with one hand, you're 50% as reliable as everybody else utilizing two hands to combat ... it sounds good on paper, however it puts Spider-Man at a downside in practice. He can, however, zip farther throughout the map than other Super Hero and there are special perch-points for non-flying characters."

It's definitely a pity that we will not have the ability to experience the complete level of Spidey's powers, but we're still delighted he remains in the game. Marvel: Powers United VR strikes Oculus Rift on July 26th.Hands-On: The Determination

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