Netflix partners with Telltale Games to make Stranger Things video game

In the latest sign Stranger Things is the biggest show on Netflix, Telltale Games will now make a Stranger Things video game for PC and consoles.

Stranger Things is a veritable cash cow for Netflix as the biggest show they make. We already knew it’s a ratings bonanza due to the limited amount of information revealed about how many people are actually watching.

And we know it’s a critical darling with 18 Emmy nominations after their first season and a similar number expected for season 2 as the show hopes to win for Best Drama after being nominated, only to see The Handmaid’s Tale win and become the first winner from a streaming service to take home that distinction.

In addition to the show, Stranger Things merchandise has flown off the shelves at Target where they have various goodies for fans to get their hands on.

This weekend also delivered the news that there will be some books coming, out including a prequel about Eleven’s mom from author Gwen Bond.

The good news keeps on coming for fans as the latest news sees Telltale Games and Netflix teaming up to make a Stranger Things video game, according to Tech Radar. This will be available for purchase for PC and consoles. The game will not be available to play through Netflix. No release date or other information about the game has been released at this time.

Don’t expect this to be the new normal for Netflix to get into the video game business. This represents an effort to boost their marketing and promotional efforts for the series.

Netflix did, however, announce a new five-part interactive Minecraft: Story Mode that will be released later this fall on the streaming service that will serve as a play-as-you-go interactive show experience.

Stranger Things hand-numbered edition uncoated lithograph

The Stranger Things game is the huge news here though. Some fans may remember prior to the release of season 2 last fall a retro game that was free to download and play on mobile devices. It was highly addictive and made for a fun brand extension for fans who were counting down the days until they could watch the new season.

Similarly, this will accomplish the same feat for fans who need more Stranger Things in their life besides the eight episodes that come out every season. And with season 3 now expected until 2019, hopefully, the game came come together quickly so fans can play before the next season comes out.

The first two seasons of are streaming on Netflix.