Nintendo Change firmware 5.1.0 is out

official changelog, as always, does not give much information about what has been updated: “General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience”.

Of course, the Nvidia Tegra hack, as promised, is unpatchable without a hardware revision, meaning your Nintendo switch can still be 100% hacked after this update.

Hacker SciresM has been reporting that Atmosphere is generally still working well, despite some people’s feedback that the update might have broken some functionality such as the loader’s SD card redirection. He confirmed that feature still works, and the people reporting issues might using some specific HBL build that has the issue.

There’re no actual issues with my Loader introduced in 5.1.0 — seems the issue is in the HBL build people are using (the modified build I usually use works fine, the one being distributed reproduces the hang people have reported).

SciresM and other hackers have mentioned that this patch does not seem to update any major security components of the Nintendo Switch Then again, with the hardware fully hacked, such updates would be pretty much useless at this point.

7 Responses

  1. NakedFaeriesays:

    So what was changed? usually by now the hackers have ripped apart the updates and tell us what was changed and fixed or updated. Anything in this latest firmware changed?

    What im reading here is there is a hack that works on the latest firmware. So where is it?
    Ive been following the scene but i mustve missed the day the cfw loader was released?

    • Ghostsays:

      Dude the RCM exploit loaders and Home brew have been out for weeks.

    • Kevin Cormiersays:

      There is nothing publicly released yet that I would recommend to the average user.

  2. zedlionsays:

    so which hbl are we supposed to use?

    • Kevin Cormiersays:

      I wouldn’t bother with anything unless you are a dev, they are making great progress but nothinig is really that stable yet.

  3. Davidsays:

  4. JHoodzsays:

    So which HBL should we use if we have 5.1? Mine auto updated and my old HBL is no longer working.

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