How to Preorder the Nintendo NES Classic Mini (And Make Sure You Get One)

The NES Classic Mini is an elusive little beast. The teeny tiny Nintendo Entertainment System packed with 30 classic 8-bit games originally hit store shelves in late 2016 ... and promptly sold out. It's been nigh impossible to find ever since, and was sent off into the sunset in favor of Nintendo's Super NES Classic. We weren't thrilled with Nintendo's decision to discontinue it.

If you missed out the first time around, we have some good news! The miniature version of the console that made Mario will return on June 29. The bad news is that it will likely sell out again, and remain hard to find for some time.

NES Classic U.S. preorders have not begun, but if really want to lock in your NES Classic, and have the patience to wait an extra week or two after release, this trick might work.

You can preorder the NES Classic on The UK site will deliver to the United States. With shipping added (and UK taxes removed), it will cost you about $65 USD. Standard shipping estimates show a delivery window of July 13 - 18.

You'll have to register for an Amazon UK account, but if you enter the same email you use for the U.S. Amazon, it will automatically have your credit cards and shipping addresses, alleviating some hassle.

We don't know how many units are available, but it's likely to sell out again. We'll update this post when the system is available in other stores, but for now this is the best option. Since the NES Classic is powered by a USB port, you shouldn't have to worry about power plug incompatibility. As far as we know, the system should work on U.S. TVs.

If you're going to wait it out, be sure to hit up to keep an eye on availability in the US.

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