Square Enix Montreal Is Not Dealing with the ‘GO’ Series– TouchArcade

After not hearing much about new games in the GO series of games, we finally have confirmation that Square Enix Montreal is no longer working on a new game in the GO series. If you aren’t aware of the series for some reason, it brought some big Square Enix franchises to mobile in elegant puzzle form. My favourite of the lot is Lara Croft GO($4.99). They also did Deus Ex GO($4.99) and Hitman GO($4.99) that introduced many fans of the franchise to a new world of premium mobile gaming. This news is pretty disappointing because there were ratings and rumours pointing to not just a new GO game from Just Cause but also a Life is Strange one. Imagine being able to play a turn based puzzle game that invovled blowing up things and taking over areas on a map. While talking to PCGamesInsider.biz, Patrick Naud (Studio Head at Square Enix Montreal) confirmed that they are not working on other games in the GO series.

He says the hardest thing for them is doing premium games on mobile. The market is diminishing as we all know and he says that despite critical acclaim and good sales, their games are being played by far too few people thanks to the business model.

While the GO series is likely dead, they still want to create high quality mobile experiences through reinventing a well known IP if they get a chance or lead the pack for a new genre. This is disappointing because I love the GO games and Lara Croft GO is actually my favourite Tomb Raider game overall. Deus Ex GO was a bit disappointing in comparison but I always held hope that we’d get a new GO release when Square Enix decides to do either a new Life is Strange game or a new Just Cause game in the future. If you’ve never played these games, check out our reviews for Deus Ex GO, Lara Croft GO, and Hitman GO.

[Source: PocketGamer.Biz]