One Year Later, Did Nintendo Keep Its E3 2017 Guarantees?

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By the time E3 2017 rolled around, Nintendo Switch was hardly three months old. Coming off the success of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, exactly what other amazing things were planned for year among Nintendo's newest system? Going into E3, the company had the wind at its back, however it still had a lot to prove.Nintendo's proving,

as it remained in previous years, was quite various from Microsoft's and Sony's. It was not an hours-long live stage program however a 25-minute pre-recorded video presentation. Naturally, as soon as the discussion was over, it the live stream nicely segued into "Treehouse Live," a three-day extravaganza of Nintendo content live from the E3 program floor that had its own periodic announcements.The huge presentation, which aired on June 13 and concentrated on Nintendo Switch, began with an emphasize reel of previously-announced games consisting of Arms, Rocket League, Splatoon 2, Pokken Tournament DX and FIFA 18. Afterwards , president ofNintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aimeappeared to display new games.The guarantee: The first trailer was for the current in the Xenoblade series, Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

The JRPG adventure to the dream world of Elysium would start throughout the 2017 Holiday period, on Nintendo Switch.Did they deliver? Yes. During Nintendo's September 2017 Direct, the video game's release date was revealed as December 1st. Sure enough, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 met its guarantee for the holiday window schedule. The with a terrific soundtrack subsequently received DLC, with more prepared as part of its$30 growth pack. The guarantee: Lovable pink puffball Kirby would be making his Nintendo Change debut. He would also be making-- and bringing-- good friends to his experience in 2018. Did they provide? It's because that typically means a frequent

batch of experimental(and great!) titles for the adorable little dude. As with Kirby Star Allies, this is also true. Partially. The game released on March 16th, satisfying its E3 2017 guarantee.Regrettably, as great as it is to be a fan of the long-running series, sometimes the video games aren't all winners-- something EIC Stephen Totilo.The assure: A surprise announcement in the middle of Shinya Takahashi's presentation promising to bring Nintendo and third-party games throughout the summer season, for competitive and multiplayer play? Sure, why not? Tsunekazu Ishihara of The Pokémon Company repeated that the formerly revealed Pokken Competition DX would

be pertaining to Nintendo Change on September 22nd, and on display at E3. The genuine surprise was a teaser: Game Freak was currently establishing a core RPG Pokémon video game for the hybrid console, and "... it may not release for more than a year."Did they provide? Yes on Pokken Competition DX, which launched on September 22, 2017 as assured. Now, on the topic of that "core"Pokémon Nintendo Change video game: We're unsure to which video game Ishihara was referring, back in this discussion. Did he imply Let's Go Pikachu and Let'sGo Eevee, which will be launched on November 16th? Or was hediscussing the "core "Pokemon game that Nintendo is now saying it will release in 2019? Either method, no release date was provided, so Space, the last frontier ... oh. Incorrect franchise, but surprise: A beloved Nintendo sci-fi series made an unforeseen look, a minimum of for the few seconds that the title-card trailer rolled. Listed as in development for Nintendo Change, Metroid Prime 4 would be coming at an undefined date.Did they provide? Not. Details has been light because, and the only thing we truly know is that Retro will not be making the game. Maybe we'll hear more at this year's E3. The pledge: Beaming back to earth-- a vibrant cardboard cutout version of one, anyhow-- the next trailer welcomed us to a very first look at a brand-new Yoshiexperience. The yet-unnamed Nintendo Switch platformer would be available in 2018. Did they provide? Not yet. We're still waiting to hear more on this that lets gamers journey through its phases and the funny 'other side'demonstrating how its world is patched together.The pledge: KoeiTecmo Games'Musou series would get yet another spin-off, but with a Nintendo twist, as evidenced by the trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors. The video game would launch in Fall 2017. Did they provide? Yes. Fire Emblem Warriors launched on October 20, 2017 on both Nintendo Change and New 3DS. The game, and follows the story of the royal twins of the Kingdom of Aytolis, withvisitor appearances from characters in previous Fire Symbol games. The guarantee: The Legend of Zelda's series manufacturer Eiji Aonuma provided next. He re-confirmed the news that select Zelda items would be available in the Nintendo Change

variation of Skyrim. Did they provide? Yes. On the The Senior Scrolls V: Skyrim front, the Nintendo Change variation with in-game Zelda products,, launched on November 17th. The guarantee: Additionally, trailers for the DLC packs of Breath of the Wild were revealed. Trial of the Sword, Hero's Course Mode , brand-new armor, the Korok mask, and Master Mode would belong of the very first expansion pass called The Master Trials, readily available for purchase on June 30, 2017. The second DLC pack, The Champions'Ballad, would concentrate on the game's four champions, and would be readily available throughout the vacation

season in 2017. The 4 characters would also be receiving the Amiibo treatment. Both DLC packs would be readily available for Nintendo Change and Wii U.Did they deliver? On June 30th, the very first DLC pack launched, which consisted of the awesome Hero's Path to name a few things . And the terrific and difficult 2nd DLC pack released on December 7th. The Amiibo released in November, too.The guarantee: The unlikeliest crossover was up next, with Ubisoft president Yves Guillemot on discussion task. Mario +Rabbids: Kingdom Fight would have the Rabbids attacking Mario's world in this Nintendo Switch technique RPG. The Ubisoft game would release on August 29, 2017. Did they provide? Yes. The XCOM-like video game with a less extreme plot but fairly intense technique introduced for Nintendo Turn on August 29th as promised. And man,. The guarantee: Rocket League was the subject ofthe next trailer. Included in the Nintendo Switch variation would be exclusive modification soon: Sushi Striker will be available tomorrow, June 8, for 3DS and Nintendo Switch both.The guarantee: Here's another game reveal from

the Treehouse live stream, however this one wasn't much of a surprise if you read Kotaku, since it had dripped back in April.Mario & Luigi: Super Star Legend would be getting a remake.Fawful wouldchortle his method on to the 3DS on October 6, 2017. Did they deliver? Yes, it did. The 14-year-old GBA video game launched under the title Mario & Luigi:Superstar Saga+Bowser's Minions, as promised.

The last bit is a brand-new side story with some opponents in a starring role.(And now Bowser's Scoop, the 3rd in the series,

is getting a comparable remake.)Nintendo prospered on delivering what it promised from last year's E3. A couple of games are still out there to fulfill that"2018 "release window , but hey, there's still a little less & than half of 2018 to go. So, we'll see. We'll also see what's in shop as the Nintendo Change's second year continues on.And with that, this

concludes our look back at Microsoft's, Sony's and Nintendo's E3 2017 kept, broken, or yet-unfulfilled guarantees &. It's time to anticipate what E3 2018 will bring. It's likely going to be much of the very same: Great deals of talk and buzz, about which we must have reasonable expectations.