Nintendo Launches First Switch Pokemon Game

The Switch currently takes pleasure in a healthy collection of Nintendo first-party video games, however last night the first Pokemon video game was announced for the system. Exactly what's more, it's already available to download and play!The video game is called Pokemon Quest, however it's very various from the< a href = target=_ blank > core Pokemon video games we are utilized to seeing on Nintendo's handhelds. This is Pokemon-lite, and it's a free-to-start video game that's also heading to Android and iOS platforms.While that will be frustrating for some(most?)gamers, it's certainly worth having a look at this rather quirky take on what a Pokemon video game can be.If Minecraft and Pokemon had a child, this is probably what it would

look like.Each Pokemon is illustrated in cube kind and the player does not control them straight. Instead, they'll roam around in groups across Tumblecube Island while the gamer awaits attack bars to fill. The goal is to clear stages while gathering Power Stones and other products from around the island.Each Pokemon can be powered up and used in formations while back at base camp you can do some crafting, produce

new items, which in turn attract brand-new Pokemon for you to gather. Yes, this is Pokemon in its most casual form, but then when you're targeting free-to-play on mobile platforms it needs to be. #PokemonQuest allows Trainers of any ages to get in on the action! In this free-to-start game, youcan take on against wild Pokémon and embark on lots of interesting explorations. Pokémon(@Pokemon)< a href=""> May 30, 2018 As Polygon reports,

since this is a free-to-start video game you can expect to be presented with regular chances to buy stuff. Those will take the kind of Exploration packs, which there are three already available costing in between $4.99 and$17.99 each. The contents consists of everything from a cooking pot to increase the number of dishes you can cook and new level one Pokemon complete with a special move, to a variety of Poke Ball Designs that reward you with more PM Tickets.What are PM Tickets? Well, as is typical with free-to-start games, Nintendo included an in-game currency which it called PM Tickets. They can be utilized to accelerate certain tasks such as cooking or energy bar refills and for that reason will be extremely appealing to utilize so you'll invest more cash to obtain more of them.Is this another video game that's going to produce millions for Nintendo? Once it strikes Android and iOS, the response to that question is a most definite" yes!"