Matt Niskanen played a legendary Nintendo game the night before Game 1 of Stanley Cup

May 28, 2018 While the tweet doesn't state at what time they started or how long they

played until, there a far even worse activities Niskanen might've gotten up to in Vegas, but you probably would've never ever believed they would've played Mario Kart. The lastest edition of the staple was launched on Nintendo Change in April of 2017( Mario

Kart 8 Deluxe ), and is the 2nd greatest selling game on the console. Or did Niskanen whip out the N64 and highlight the legendary variation of Mario Kart?< a href= > via GIPHY Brooks Orpik had other plans.If you believed the Capitals spent an insane night in Vegas on eve of Game 1 of the SCF, well, believe again. Matt Niskanen:" I played about