Exactly What is Google Yeti and will the brand-new video game competing PlayStation, Nintendo Change and Xbox One?

GOOGLE is planning to release their own games console to break into the rewarding gamer market.The Web giant is wanting to revolutionise home video gaming with a gadget that streams games through the Web-much in the exact same method as PlayStation Now. Here's all you require to know.Credit: SiliconValleyStock/ Alamy Stock Picture Google

may launch a new games console to equal the

market leaders Exactly What is Google Yeti?Yeti is allegedly Google's "Netflix for Games",

where games are hosted on remote servers then streamed to your tvs via a piece of dedicated hardware.This would run under a membership service which will consist of no downloads and would let you play any of the video games in the whole collection.Although PlayStation currently has their own streaming platform, Google could have an edge over rivals due to the ubiquity of ChromeCast.A Reuters report stated:"The strategy that Google has been working on involves the use of its cloud servers to relay the games to users over the web."Google has actually discussed Yeti with video game developers, however it is uncertain whether any of them will develop a video game specifically for Yeti or just make existing streamed games readily available."Chrome will be really crucial for Yeti progressing When will Google Yeti be released?It's not yet clear when Google Yeti will be released as it's not officially been exposed yet.He tweeted last month: "Thrilled to be able to share that today I have actually begun a new role as Vice President
and GM of Google- and relocation(back)to California. "It seems likely that we

will hear more about Yeti on March

19, 2018, as it's the Games Developers Conference in San Fransisco.say cheese Everything you have to know about Cheddar Man, the first contemporary Brit SOUNDS PHISHY Snapchat hack exposed passwords of over 55,000 users online WorkING it 2 in 5 females admit to masturbating over colleagues'social networks snaps CORE OF THE PROBLEM ? Apple engineer says pressure to design iPhone is reason I'm separated SNAP UNHAPPY How do I get the old Snapchat back after the update? BEST FUT FORWARD The rundown on Fifa Ultimate Team Lunar New Year and Winter Upgrade events How much will Google Yeti cost?Gooogle have not released

any information on prospective payment or membership yet.However, we do understand what does it cost? comparable services cost

. PlayStation Now costs ₤ 12.99 a month and can be accessed on PS4, PS3 and PC.Nvidia's GeForce Now is ₤ 7.49 a month and

is supported on PCs with Nvidia graphics cards.Check out the very first Shadow of the Colossus 2018 remake trailer