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In November of 2016, Nintendo released the surprise struck that was the NES Classic. Not just was it a success with retro gamers, it was also a struck with a younger generation of video game gamers. It was so effective that a follow up version of it based on the Super NES console was released the following year. Nintendo has officially announced that they will resume production of the original NES Classic system this coming summer season, for those that missed out on out on previous shipments, although it is for a rather distinct reason.

The NES Classic became a hit for fans and beginners of the Nintendo console that began everything, and for a variety of reasons as well. Some people liked the easy connection and lack of lag on contemporary HDTV's, and others fell in love when it was discovered that it was easily hackable to set up additional ROMs into memory. Due to an extremely minimal supply of systems offered when it was initially launched, it was in really high demand with couple of people being able to get their hands on it. This also brought scalpers to the table, that were charging as much as 5 times the initial cost through online auction sites. The original design was formally stopped in April of last year, after offering over 2.3 million units.At Nintendo's

quarterly briefing statement released just recently, they had this to say about the NES Classic's return, which in fact includes their current console, the Nintendo Change:

"We have announced that we will resume production for NES Classic Edition this year. We plan to continue selling NES Classic Edition and Super NES Classic Edition this year. We see them as an opportunity to gather interest in Nintendo Change from those who have not communicated with video games in a long time, or ever."

There is no word on if the brand-new batch with have any enhancements, video game modifications or other physical modifications when compared to the initial design, nor if it is understood if the price will stay the exact same this time around. The original design sold for just under $60, and contained 30 games from the systems library. New deliveries of the NES Classic are arranged to be delivered in the summer season of 2018.