Even with the Switch’s success, the Nintendo 3DS still had strong holiday sales

It appears like there may still be some space for the Nintendo 3DS. Today, Nintendo exposed a few of its sales numbers in the US, and the 3DS —-- which numerous forecasted would die out following the launch of the Change —-- really saw a dive in sales. Inning accordance with Nintendo, the dual-screened handheld offered 750,000 units in the United States in December, which represented a 27 percent dive compared to 2016. Jointly, the 3DS has actually offered more than 21 million units in the United States to this day.

Image: Nintendo Read next:< a href="https://www.theverge.com/2018/1/17/16900496/nintendo-switch-labo-cardboard-diy-accessories-announced-price-release-date" data-analytics-viewport ="related-story"data-analytics-link=" related-story "> Nintendo is making a lot of weird DIY cardboard toys for the Change and they & rsquo; re remarkable Those numbers represent about half of what the Change offered over the very same period. Nintendo states that the Switch was purchased 1.5 million times during the same vacation duration. Back in December, the company said that the Change had sold an overall of 10 million systems worldwide, putting it on track to beat the first-year sales of the initial Wii.Unlike. its past consoles, the Switch also has a portable part, so it & rsquo; s surprising to see the 3DS continue to flourish because environment. The strong holiday sales might have something to do with the launch of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon in November, two of the most approachable video games in the series to date. Nintendo states that the games were both in the top 15 selling titles for December. The company also launched a new iteration of the handheld, the New Nintendo 2DS XL, this past summer.Unfortunately for the 3DS, it seems unlikely that this trend will continue for long.

Nintendo & rsquo; s plan for its future games is nearly entirely focused on the Switch, with brand-new entries in popular series like Pokémon and Metroid. The company also simply announced its unforeseen new Labo line of DIY cardboard accessories for the Change, makings its debut in April.