The Very Best Nintendo Pi Build Ever 8,000+ Games– A busting 128gb Pi install

DrewTalks Checks Out the awesome DMC s Nintendo Just Raspberry Pi 128gb Build. NES, SNES, Game Kid, Virtual Kid. Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, Gameboy Color, Video game & & watch, Nintendo Game, Nintendo Gameboy Advance. Everything about this screams NINTENDO!Will deal with all

Pi versions, nevertheless some systems might not use Pi0 Image is pre-shrunk-- don't

forget to broaden the file system.Additions. over the 32gb image:-Nintendo Game System

, Nintendo VS. and Nintendo Playchoice-10 addedto the game section-- 104 games-Nintendo DS-- 1985 games-Nintendo 64-- 303 video games- NES hacked video games
collection-- 637 video games
-SNES hacked games
collection-- 221 games -Video game Boy hacked games
collection-- 19 games -Game Young boy colour hacked video games collection-- 1 video game( the colurised Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins which dropped back in December )-Game Young boy Advance hacked video games collection -- 22 video games-Art work scraped, with video snaps where available-Re-scraped all systems to include wheels/marquees, so those remain in location and offered if you change to

a different theme makings usage of them.-System icons, logos and boxart for hacked video games systems made by Ryan J Officer from the MLP group -Run command/launch images by Ryan J Officer from the MLP group Notes:-Playchoice-10 added for the sake of completion, however not that useful to utilize unless you have your screen in a picture orientation. Once you have added credits with the choose button, utilize the ideal shoulder button to select the

game.-Nintendo DS-- works well
on the games that I have tested-- controller will need to be setup, which will require the usage of a keyboard. Best to use a controller with analog sticks which will be needed for video games which make use of the stylus.-Game set-- a few of the video games
will trigger that there are 'recognized problems 'with the rom, however most seem to run and play fine-- 2 exceptions being Tetris which the colours are method off, and Battle Shark which the image seems flipped. Shooting video games will need making use of a mouse. Or
change the roms out with ones which are compatible with advanced-mame if you desire to make usage of a light gun.Remaining is based on release details for the 32gb release below: -Ryan J Officer from Mad Little Pixel Gaming Facebook group for the excellent new run/launch splashscreens-Daimo's Video game Share YouTube for the SNES Classic intro/bootup video -Drew Talks for the list of N64 video games which are playable on the Pi Additions from SNESv3 DMC 16GB image: The following systems have

been added; * Due to area restraints, only 100 video games have actually been added

, these were drawn from Drew Talks list of N64 video games which are playable on the Pi.Everything else is based on the 16GB release keeps in mind listed below. Image is
still Pi No/ 2/ 3 compatible. Pi Absolutely no users may want to ditch the N64 collection though as

they're only just playable on the Pi 2/ 3. Additions from MadLittlePixels SNESv2 base

image: The following have been included;-Launch/run command splash screens added to all systems, in addition to bezels/overlays

(also pre-installed are the launch screens and bezels/overlays for Video game Boy and Virtual Boy )